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Company introduction

Shanghai Yang Yi Valve Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2006, now located in Shanghai Jinshan District Zhu Jing Industrial Park, the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation, strong technical force, products continue to pursue perfection. Our company integrates production, processing and sales, after more than 10 years of continuous development and innovation, with a total assets of nearly 120 million yuan, registered capital of 50 million 500 thousand yuan, covers an area of 16650 square meters, currently working staff of about 320. My company's products have made (TS) special equipment (pressure pipe grade A) production license, and through the Chinese society of ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system certification and the American Petroleum Institute API certificate. In 2013, "Yang Yi valve" trademark was officially approved by the Trademark Bureau of China Administration for Industry and commerce, and the enterprise was repeatedly rated as a contract and trustworthy unit by the relevant government departments and trade associations. And has obtained the China Huadian Group qualified supplier membership qualifications, China Datang Group supplier network membership certificate. Get mine product safety certification mark, Chinese City Gas Association certificate, China general machinery industry association membership certificate, China chemical equipment fixed-point production supply certificate, Chinese Construction Metal Structure Association Drainage Association membership certificate, China construction recommended product certification and the honorary title. By the China brand strategy development research center as "China outstanding supplier", "Chinese famous brand", "China Construction Project key promotion product", awarded "quality, integrity, service AAA enterprise" and other titles. In August 2014, China Quality Inspection Association issued the "stable qualified product enterprise" and "excellent integrity enterprise" certificate; in September, won the "European Union CE certificate"; in October, awarded "3. 15" system engineering awarded "3. 15 honest member service unit" certificate.

The company's implementation of the "talent" strategy, create together, Yucai, with only a good environment, multi channel aggregation of high level and high quality talents, the formation of the company has strong technical strength, good situation of professional work is complete. The company has mechanical, electrical, welding, accounting, statistics, economics and management, foreign language professional and other professional and technical personnel nearly 100 people. The company has licensed electricity, clamping, riveting, welding, lifting and other types of dozens of technicians, formed a professional engineering and technical personnel and supporting team work is complete and the technician team, relying on advanced production technology, sophisticated machinery manufacturing equipment, complete detection means, has developed a variety of the new valve, three utility model patent certificate. Our company was awarded the "advanced worker's home" in 2011 by Shanghai Federation of trade unions"

Over the years, the company has been deeply rooted in the fertile soil of China's machinery industry, inherited the fine tradition of rigorous and realistic Chinese machinery industry, guided by the market, timely adjusted the management structure, comprehensively innovate the management mechanism, and forge ahead. More than 10 years since entering the valve field, from a single water supply and drainage system valve extended to power stations, petroleum, urban construction, railway, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, environmental protection, mining, chemical, paper and fire systems, tap water, fertilizer plants and other industries. Cooperate with a number of large enterprise groups, such as Huadian Guang'an Power Generation Co., Ltd., the Yellow River hydropower investment Qinghai Qinghai Datong Huadian Co. Ltd., Fujian Huadian Kemen power plant, Qinghai Saline Lake potash Group Co. Ltd. and Gansu Jiuquan iron and Steel Group Corporation, North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, Hebei Iron Steel Group Co, Shijiazhuang Jinshi chemical fertilizer Group Co. Ltd., Chinese thirteen Construction Group Co. Ltd., Shijiazhuang Qiaodong sewage treatment plant, China wharf Datang Power Generation Co. Ltd., Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd. etc.. With the growing scale of product sales, Yang's sales network gradually extended to the world, increased import and export management rights, the company's products have been exported to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries. In a number of domestic and foreign construction in the shape of a magnificent and glorious historical monument, record company, and dedicated the bright performance capable of evoking praises and tears.

Our company mainly produces all kinds of high, medium and low pressure valve products according to international standards, including China GB standard, international ISO standard, American API standard, British BS standard, German DIN standard. The main products are: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, control valve, power station valve, metallurgy valve, water control valve, drain valve and other products. The most competitive products are regulating valves, power valves, cryogenic valves and so on. The company is equipped with advanced testing, testing, testing equipment, but also the establishment of advanced physics and chemistry laboratory, with three element analyzer, laser analyzer, etc.. Established a perfect mechanical performance laboratory, with universal testing machine, impact test machine, spring tension and compression test machine, Rockwell hardness tester, thickness gauge, X ray flaw detector and magnetic particle flaw detector. Established advanced pressure laboratory, equipped with hydraulic valve pressure test device, valve life test device, etc.. Our company has more than 50 lathes, vertical lathe 6, horizontal coordinate boring machine 7, 6 milling machine, radial drilling machine, 15 sets of electric welding machine 10, SCR arc welding machine 3, DC current non melting arc welding machine 1, 4 lathes, special spherical air hammer, 3 Taiwan 5 grinding machine Taiwan, pressure test equipment such as 10 sets of production equipment. Butterfly valve with maximum production caliber of 3000mm. Provide a strong guarantee for the production of high quality valve products.

In the process of transformation and development,