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Join process

Invites the national valve agent to join Shanghai Yang Yi valve
1. early consultation:
Vendors should know the sales area for Yang valve does not set the total sales of the blank city (or region), the regional rivals valves use and potential market space, Yang valve competitive advantage, such as gathering money.
2. apply for joining:
Before joining the application, we should understand the franchise conditions (i.e.: (1) the sales area is Yang valve sales blank point. In the future, the sales area is set up as the only general sales agent of Yang one valve; (2) to determine the price of the product; (3) to pay a certain amount of money in advance according to the sales volume of the market. (4) both sides advertise in this area. (5) enterprise commitment to product quality. (6) the enterprise on the agent's reward. In detail, the market survey and my resume, as well as the advantages of the written situation Xiangyang valve to join the application.
3. enterprises accept:
After receiving the application to join the enterprise report within three working days notice management and join form transfer to the applicant, the applicant should complete this form and return in time stamp.
4. enterprise approval:
The enterprise will know, approve and notify the applicant within 10 working days after receiving the join form.
5. sign an agreement:
The two sides signed a product sales agency agreement, and strictly enforced. At the same time, join the enterprise also need to pay a certain franchise fee.
6. enterprise award:
Handle the relevant provisions of the state enterprise business procedures, and awarding market sales.
7. market sales:
The agent shall stipulate the regional product sales, product bidding work actively, conscientiously do customer service service product sales work, timely collection of product sales and product quality information, make a positive valve products share increased year by year in the regional market, to obtain greater economic and social benefits.
Regional agents and categories
One, one level (exclusive) agents
This approach applies to investors who are more powerful and capable of developing their own local market alone. Companies in the region have only a development agreement (exclusive) agents, the agents assume full control over the regional market development, distributors, retail and service company to carry out the construction of the regional development, no other agents, only the exercise of market supervision and auxiliary agents to develop the market.
Two, regional two (distribution) dealers
For regions that have not yet developed class 1 (exclusive) agents, regional two (distribution) distributors can be developed. Two level (distribution) distributors can enjoy preferential purchase price and the corresponding market support policy when purchasing goods. The company has the right to continue to develop other dealers in the region, and the distributors are parallel and parallel in ownership relations. Once the need to develop a local agent (exclusive), Yang valve will better benefit from the business dealer of a choice as a class (exclusive) agents, other dealers to two distributors.
Three. Project agent
The project requirements are very familiar with personal items or units and have certain social relations, and hope to the Shanghai Yang valve cooperate better improve service projects or units.