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Yang Yi valve charity donated lung adenocarcinoma patients in Anxi

时间:2016-07-28 点击数:1491
 The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation is a difficult and this is a positive help comes from all quarters, the valve has been Mr Huang Shuangfu's original intention, in many caring people to participate in the establishment of a valve, Yang charity, the charity's purpose is "set of social forces to help the disadvantaged".
Love is a piece of the sun in the winter, to suffer hunger and cold people feel the warmth; love is a desert Yihong springs, the desperate people to see the hope of life.
In July 24, 2016, Yang valve charity Mr Huang Shuangfu learned that there is a risk of lung cancer patients in need of help, we organized the social from all walks of life to participate in donation activities, and in the day time raise some money donated to the patient. In July 26th, Mr. Huang Shuangfu learned that money raising had not yet reached its goal,
And continue to raise money.
The donation is hereby announced as follows: