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Warmly welcome the Changzhou Panan power group leaders come to visit our company

時間:2017-02-17 點擊數:1193

The morning of February 14, 2017, Changzhou Panan power group leaders come to visit our company. Huang Shuangfu, the general manager of our company, received the reception

The distinguished guests from all walks of life eagerly introduced the historical origin and the honor of the creation of Yang Yi valve.


In the factory, Huang Zong shared the latest research achievements of Yang Yi valve in recent years

The general situation of the products, the core advantages of the products and the various technologies are described in detail

The leaders have made a more comprehensive and practical understanding of Yang yi.


Accompanied by Huang general, the leadership came to the workshop production area, visited the company's more than 50 lathes,

Zero distance to understand the production process of various types of valves and quality control process, so that the leadership of Yang Yi

Have a better understanding, leading to a positive development, advanced production technology greatly.


After the visit, general manager Huang and Bangan power leading happy photo. The leader's good working environment for the company,

Orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere, hard-working staff stay

We will have a deep impression and discuss the future cooperation between the two sides in the hope of cooperation in the future

Achieve complementary win win and common development in china.